crag publishes very short fiction, four times a year as per the seasons.

likes: grape eats, fiction that makes us go “mmmm,” maki rolls, training domesticated animals to tie shoes, fiction that makes us go “that’s a hoot,” anomalies, representation, dead horses, wig hotels, monkey opticals, sodium yogis, cave factories, fiction that makes us go “ooh more of that sweet foot-foot,” love cloths, invisible oils, witch hobbies, plastic luck, teeth jars, fiction that makes us go “i would briefly share a corn dog with this writer," flush worship, spooky ghouls, the jello poetical


dislikes: the milk sentimental, fiction that makes us go “i have seen this before and i hated it then and i hate it even more now,” pastoral salmons, people who don’t stop when you’re crossing the road, boring, fiction that makes us go “what are you wearing,” putting on wet socks after a long walk and being like ffs they are cold and now the world is awful, clippy chippies, authority figures, absent shrimps, big meanies, vegetables that are not kept in a glass jar filled with salt water, spent gum


we publish in march, july, october, and december.

illustrations by @veanjk